Life has gotten pretty boring.
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Not used to it

Still not used to the states. I basically grew up in europe. I’m used to going out on Fridays and Saturdays, having a beer with my friends and traveling around. Now It’s a repetition of the first 2 years in Italy. Can’t find a job, even though they say I have been referred to the agency and qualify for the jobs. I have no friends. It’s not like I haven’t tried, I just feel like people are stuck up and somehow the conversation always leads to weed … like come on?! I’m not against it, shit if it was legal I’d be smoking it for my migraines instead of taking pills, but It seems like everyone I run into just smokes and I can’t be friends with them because I don’t smoke. I’ve gotten in some pretty big trouble because of it. Can’t start college till next semester. Car has vacuum leak. Can’t do anything because I’m only 20. parents are basically controlling my drinking so I can’t have a beer here and there like I used to. Moving has just become annoying.

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